Why hire a professional graphic consultant to do graphics? This comes up more often than you'd think. Somebody has a brother-in-law who went to art school, or somebody has a friend who knows Visio. Why not use them?
  1. A professional knows what a proposal requires, because they've done it many times before (in Don's case, about 20 to 30 times a year)
  2. Information is king. A professional will quickly determine how to approach a new set of data from experience.
  3. Time. Pros may cost more, but can often knock out graphics is MUCH less a shorter time.
  4. Quality. Newbies will dress bad graphics with all sorts of odd tricks to make them look good. Pros don't do this.
  Will it cost me a lot? Not necessarily. If a professional proposal artist works twice as fast and charges $100 and hour and come us with great results faster, why pay someone $50 an hour, and they take twice the time to come up with something you're not happy with? You get the drift. Does Don so surge work? Don lives and breathes surge work. A lot of companies already have their go-to graphics person. But sometimes a pile of RFPs drop at the same time, or their graphics person isn't well versed in creating proposal graphics and gets overwhelmed. Sometime their graphics go-to is simply on vacation. Don has no problem dropping in. He can take over,  or be part of the team. - Will Don pay attention to my project? My company NEEDS to win this bid! Don NEVER takes on a proposal he can't fully commit to. If he takes it on, he is there every step until it ships. This is NOT a part-time, after-hours gig for Don. He has been a FULL TIME freelancer for 20 years, and he's never ONCE missed a deadline. What makes Don different? Don is a fantastic artist. His work is featured in National Geographic, Popular Science, Scientific America, Discover, TIME, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Men's Journal, WIRED...and the list goes on. - Beyond that, Don lives and breathes Federal Proposal Graphics. He works 20 to 30 proposals a year. He knows visual data. His experience is VAST. When he works on a proposal he uses BOTH his extensive knowledge of visual presentation AND his knowledge of government proposals.  He doesn't let a proposal ship until he feels it is the best possible work he can do. Period. - If I hire Don, what happens next? Don will look at your RFP and check out the format specs. Then you'll gather information on your company design specs from your website, or you can provide them. Then he will work up a unique style guide for the  proposal. This is usually DAY ONE. Then he produces graphics as you provide the data. He will format to your specific needs (print, digital, orals) and will keep a crazy-level of communication with you. Files will be sent via your preferred method, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, e-mail, etc. If you like, he will post updates on his password protected wall. And will do so until your proposal ships.